A Victor's Voice is a living expression of God's love and comfort to a community of women who are transitioning into new realities after the NFL. We are a community of sisters; we are wives of retired NFL players who are connected through shared experiences. We come from all different backgrounds, yet we understand each other because we have similar journeys, a mutual suffering.

Our focus is Transition after the NFL and how hard that is! We hope to speak comfort, truth and life into each other's suffering. Our mission is to connect women to a real voice, a real person and a real story in hopes for a real change in our lives. We want to be apart of God's help and rescue in this tough transition; we start by bravely sharing our story. We provide a safe place for women to do this through conferences, events and connecting women to women locally who have been through similar challenges. By being vulnerable with our struggles and hardships we can bring these unique issues to light and prevent isolation and silent suffering. The prayer is to replace fear with Hope, replace brokenness with Restoration, and replace the feeling of being defeated with the Victory of Jesus as He has already defeated sin and all our hurts.