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Testimonials from "The Gathering of our Tribe" in May 2017

"In many ways this weekend was hard. It was hard to see all of the pain and suffering that our fellow sisters are in the midst of experiencing. The truth is that we KNOW that God desires to use our pain to uplift and encourage others. He desires that we stay in community with each other so that we can lean on each other. The beauty amidst the pain was the sisterhood, times of prayer and the general feeling that it was okay that things weren't perfect. It was okay that things were not as we would want them to be. It was okay that we have to learn a "new normal." It was all okay because we were not alone, nor were we expected to bear the load on our own. The beauty of our football family during our husbands' playing careers was that we became a family. We celebrated with each other. We cried with each other. We prayed with each other. We held each other's hands. After football ended, we scattered. We no longer had the community of people who understood this part of our life (and it was a huge part). What A Victor's Voice did was give us yet another chance to be a family. During this weekend, we celebrated with each other. We cried with each other. We prayed with each other. And again, we held each other's hands. Sometimes you just need to be with family."



"This gathering was very needed for me and everyone there. I couldn't have had a better experience. The old friendships were made stronger and wonderful new friendships were made. The speakers and various testimonials were very relatable. It was so beneficial to receive many tips, resources and support for our husbands, our family and us as wives. It was so reassuring knowing we are going through similar situations and issues. The greatest asset to this gathering was the empowerment I felt knowing there are so many wonderful women I can lean on for a lifetime. The connection this created is immeasurable."


This was a wonderful weekend on many levels. First, it provided an opportunity to reconnect with women I love dearly, but do not get to see because we no longer live near each other. Second, it provided an opportunity to re-establish community with these women who have all shared a unique life experience together. I believe going forward, that will be a special bond for support and encouragement as we face issues specifically related to our husbands' years in football. Third, God used it to spur me to action to reach out and pray for my friends. Regardless of where I live, I can be praying for these women. And above all, it was just encouraging to be with this group of women and to meet new friends.